Renewed Paris Hilton: I’ve Made Up My Mind

E! network is an excellent channel. I’m personally not a fan of their shows, except for the Simple Life, but they do have excellent news reports about Paris Hilton.

You may have realized by now that they don’t say any bad things about her on air. The news anchors and those who run E! and E! News are supporters of Paris, even before they got the rights to the Simple Life series. This would suggest that they’re bias, but they really aren’t. They report everything that is 100% correct.

Ryan Seacrest hit the top with his latest interview with Paris Hilton for E! News. He asked many interesting questions, even though they weren’t related to her career. However, just by reading the answers Paris gave him, one can sense that she has faced a profound change, and ultimately, you can see and feel a new side of Paris. She seems to be much more mature and serious.

Will she reduce her days of partying and time wasting like she has for the past 8 months by ignoring her tour and music career? Let’s hope not! Paris hasn’t even done a televised interview since more than 8 months. She worked for her new movie “The Hottie And The Nottie” behind the scenes. Yet, she’s still in the news. She has only offered us Simple Life 5, and yet, her fame is still strong.

Tomorrow, Ryan Seacrest will reveal the second part of his interview with Paris, at 7 pm on E! News. Apparently, the highlight of this second part will be the “causes” Paris will be working for. She has made up her mind. I suppose she wants to use her fame to do a lot more charity work, and finally, gain some respect from the media and the crazy public. I’m really glad to hear that health-wise, she’s fine, and that she’s close to finishing her atrocious jail time. I’ll still complaining, but I’m still amazed to see what she will have accomplished after she finishes it. It’s going to be a great example for many young people, even though we know 45 days in jail for her crime is not normal. Only by eliminating prejudices will she be taken seriously the next time she acts in a movie or releases an album, because remember, the public claims not to like her products only because they hate her.

Well, I shouldn’t add more since I don’t know what exactly will happen in the near future. But do look up for that question related to her career! That’s really all that matter in the long run, at least for some fans like me who want her to succeed.

Posted: June 21st, 2007
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