Repo! Director Describes Day One Warp Up

Wow… that’s all I can say… I have been working on this project for years now – but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that would follow..

We shot ALEXA VEGA and ANTHONY HEAD today doing two songs… We started our first day off with one my favorites called ‘INFECTED’.

Joe White my DP did an incredible job… I wanted REPO! to be ultra stylized… I always pictured it visually as a cross between DICK TRACY and DARK CITY… My man Joe delivered… and delivered HARD CORE – we are shooting on HD – with the TOP of the line HD camera the ‘genesis’. I have never seen a COOLER looking image in my life… This movie will have such a crazy ‘hyper’ stylized look to it… It’s dark, gothic, and beautiful.

It was also eye opening to watch the crew responding to the material. For the majority of them, they had never heard the music… Unlike the SAW films, where the set has to be SUPER QUIET – REPO has music BLARING all day. The actors need to lip-sync back to their prerecorded tracks – so it’s like a rock concert… Since this whole experience is strange – and something none of us have done before – everything feels NEW… Nothing is same ol’ same ol’.

I have been awake for 19 hours – and I guess I have to force myself to go to sleep…

I can’t wait to get back to set!!!

More tomorrow!


You guys will see stuffs about Repo! on in a few days or weeks. Stay tuned.

Posted: September 11th, 2007
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From: terrell
Time: September 11, 2007, 3:27 pm