Repo! Director Describes Day Two Warp Up

Day 2… Wow… I can’t believe I still have the energy to turn on my computer – let alone another blog… (actually I am on my mom’s computer – as she has been hanging out on set for the last couple of days!!!)

Today was another AMAZING… I want to just keep shooting and shooting… watching the monitor today during a take one of the actors turned to me and said ‘this looks like a fairy tale’…  I smiled… he was right – – it does look like a fairy tale!!!

Also – I was super excited – as I walking to lunch a crew member I had never met stopped me…  He had worked on Chicago recently (the film) and commented on how he couldn’t get the music out of his head… In the big scheme of things this isn’t a big deal… But to me – this lone comment shows me that I am not alone in my madness – – there will be others that see what I see in this movie…

Day 2 – come and gone… tomorrow one of my favorite songs – “Legal Assassin’.

Then onto the end of the week where we start brutally killing people!!!! I love my job!


Posted: September 12th, 2007
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