Repo! director tells an anecdote about Paris Hilton

Interviewer: Paris Hilton surprisingly impressed me. Why do you want to hire her in the first place?

“No one knows Paris Hilton. I think that’s the biggest thing I can say about Paris Hilton. Is, everyone thinks they know her, because they read Perez Hilton or TMZ. That’s not who she is. And that’s who I thought she was, too. And shame on me for that. because I guess that when I went into this, everyone – I thought I knew who she was. And so she came into audition – it didn’t take much to impress me. Because she was completely the opposite of that. And I’ll give you a story – one of my favorite stories to tell about Paris. We were in the recording studio, and we were recording this album. And we all went outside. And there was maybe 50 people in the studio at any given time, from engineers to guitarists, to drummers. And we’d been there about six hours. And everyone went outside, to behind the studio. And people were having cigarettes and standing out there talking.”

“Well, all of a sudden the paparazzi van pulls up, and the doors open up, and hundreds of snaps go off. Photographers snapping like crazy. Well, the next day, all over the Internet, it was, “Paris Hilton caught smoking dope in back alley.” Well, she wasn’t doing anything. She was sitting there talking to me. But again, what happens is, people log on-line, they go to their TMZ or their Perez Hiltons, or whatever gossip site, and that’s how it’s spun. And so they think – they put these pieces of the puzzle together, and they think that’s the person. That’s not the person at all. She is – the reason that she is where she is right now, is she’s a smart business woman. And no one gives her credit for that. And I think this movie shows that she’s a smart actress, too.”

– Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Repo!

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Posted: November 10th, 2008
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From: Django
Time: November 11, 2008, 5:01 am

He’s wrong that no one knows her. Paris of course has family and friends and other people who she’s worked with. She also has fans that have followed her career and sift through the lies to the truth (and some have even met her in person). Just because he used to be a hater and believe a lot of crap, doesn’t mean that he’s the first person to have seen the real Paris.

I’m glad he’s defending her though.