Repo! director wants to do a sequel

Interviewer: Would you do another one? I mean, the film does set it up for a sequel, I guess, if you really want to do – would you revisit this world?

“Yes, 100 percent. In fact, I want to start a sequel next year. But again, everything – I’ll end my whole thing on a soapbox, which I love to get on. This movie is all about support from the Internet, and support from fans. This is not a movie where you’ll see billboards or bus stop ads or trailers on TV. It’s a movie that exists in a grass roots kind of a fashion. It exists when fans go and see it, and they go on message boards and talk about it. It exists when Dark Horizons posts a review about it and the thing which is so hard about this movie, but also exciting, is how polarizing the movie is. I got a half-star from Rolling Stone. And I got a four star from – you know, Washington Post. It’s ridiculous. I won, like, four out of four, and I’ll get a perfect score, and then the next person that watches it will say, “This is a fail. This is an F.” I think that – the trick is, right now, is spreading the word. Getting people out to the theatres November seventh, because, again, the more people that know about the movie, the more people that will talk about the movie – and the better chance that we have to see more movies like Repo. Because, again, it’s a weird, out there, crazy movie. And the only way to see more movies that are made like this is to show support when they’re actually released.”

– Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Repo! / Full interview at Moviehole

Posted: November 10th, 2008
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From: Jen
Time: November 10, 2008, 7:37 pm

Paris already said she will be in the sequels if there are any.