Repo! Soundtrack To Be Released Before Movie

Darren Bousman, director of Repo! did another excellent interview about Repo! The sound quality is bad, unfortunately.

He once again said that the most challenging part of the project is not the filming of the movie, but the marketing, because this is a completely different film.

He made a few remarks about today’s movies. And you know what, I completely agree with him. I can say the same about today’s music. That’s why I always say Paris’ debut album is not entirely comparable to today’s lousy radio songs. But most of you probably don’t agree, maybe just a few.

He also said that he just finished producing the movie a few days ago.

Contrary to what it’s being reported, Repo! does not have an official date release. They really want to make sure that the movie becomes a huge success. Hate to say, but I’m ready to be patient until the time is right! This is a very important movie.

Good news is that the soundtrack is definitely going to be released way before the movie. He wants us to familiarize with the soundtrack before watching the movie.

Listen to it here.

Big thanks to kevin!

Posted: April 15th, 2008
Comments: 3


From: Brandon Davis :) Smith
Time: April 15, 2008, 6:33 pm

Ok, my funny thoughts today. Great news I can imagine the difficulties of those things to get a film out. I m waiting on hottie and the nottie to come out. Talking about hotties, you have to find some humor in what Paris does. We are like bff cause i think like her. ITs so cute how she did her banner or how she wanted it made and approved it.
THE DETAILS: The middle ” S ” shaped looking thing looks like a little snake with a tail on it. The lovely serpant in pink how cute. With two little pointie ears on the top and a big halo on the top. How clever 🙂 hehe, very attractive. Then a little heart on the bottom of the tail thats cool too. Just some of the great uses of symbolism that is done in the world. ” I still think she likes cinderella do to one of her photos where shes cleaning the house, and her sisters and youngers are doing nothing. Just reminded me of that. Great day, great work finding good material. Hope things are good glad she and kim fixed things up the right way for once well done.

From: admin
Time: April 15, 2008, 6:45 pm

Yeah!!! I love Paris’ symbol. It’s looks really kewl.

PARIS HILTON LOVER™ once wrote: “It’s a P with angel and horns meaning she is naughty and nice!!!”

LOL. I’m not sure what each part represents, but I really like it.

Thanks for your comments, Brandon!

From: kevin
Time: April 15, 2008, 10:22 pm

Someone said they saw the advance screening of Repo! and said Paris has this song called Zydrate Anatomy.

It’s on that myspace, I don’t think it’s the finished version. The person who watch it said that Paris sings that song with someone! Can’t wait to hear it!

He says she has a couple songs in the film and at the end of the movie she starts singing like 10 seconds of a song and gets cut off. Also another person who watched the movie said she liked the scene when Paris sang “Come Up and Try My New Parts” and said “she has a really cool scene at the end”. I have a feeling this is going to come out way past August 8th.