Repo! Stage Caught Fire!

Ok – so I am sitting at video village – a perminate smile plastered on my face! Music is blaring – actors or dancing – – it’s good times for all… Then suddenly I see Anthony Head kind of stop… turn around, and RUN!!!! I’m like – hmmm… is he improvising some new blocking? Then I hear “FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!!!” Thats when I see the smoke!!!

OH yes!!! my set was on FIRE!!!! We were shooting this song where all these leaves are blowing around – and it’s like a gothic wind storm… Well I guess some of the leaves blew into a LIGHT – the leaf caught fire – blew on some other leaves – and in a matter of seconds – we had a bond fire – inside our studio!!!

For a brief second I saw my hopes and dreams burning in front of me… What if this entire set CATCHES FIRE? What if it all burns down? As I am contimplating all of this – the fire is suddenly put out – and gone!!! Disaster averted! Thank god for fire extinguishers and quick reflexed crew!

An hour later – we are back on track… Singing and Dancing, and Repossessing some organs!!!!

Onwards to Week TWO!!!


Posted: September 16th, 2007
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From: terrell
Time: September 16, 2007, 1:15 pm

Hope Paris wasnt near it.