“Repo: The Genetic Opera” Going To Be A Cult Classic Film

Well, you already know it. There’s a lack of news is because Paris is still in Toronto filming Repo! I don’t know if she’s still there. We haven’t from her for days now. I’ve noticed that Daily Star, UK is trying to spread (what I suspect to be) a fake article, but it’s nothing really hateful and it’s just unimportant.

Also, People magazine revealed that Paris and Stavros were at The Grove in Los Angeles. They’re calling their meeting a “super-secretdate” (indeed it is). They went to the movies together.

Finally, according to enewsbuzz.com, the director of Repo!, Darren Bousman, discussed a scene with Paris Hilton on set in Toronto. One of their sources is saying that the movie is amazing and that it will be a “Cult Classic Film”. There’s a huge potential I think.

Also, enewsbuzz.com isn’t saying what Darren said about Paris Hilton. I don’t know know exactly what enewsbuzz.com is for. I think it’s a news agency about celebrities, but hopefully, it will leak out.

Posted: October 11th, 2007
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