Repo! Wraps Today In Toronto

Thats rights friends – today REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA wraps in Toronto. As most of you know by now – we premiered a clip from REPO on the SPIKE AWARDS. Thank you all for your kind words and comments – – I stick by my promise – REPO is unlike anything you have ever seen…

I know some people where taken aback by ‘PARIS’ in the trailer – – I stand by my decision of casting her – as she is amazing as Amber Sweet… And when the movie is released – people will see why she was cast. Her voice is great – and her character is great!

But I do think Repo is not an easy movie to grasp upon a 80 second teaser trailer… I wish I could have a big party tomorrow and open up club and just SHOW everyone what this movie is… It is NOT SAW – – It is not some cheesy musical.

Today we wrap all our actors – and tear down the sets… After years and years of battling the world to get this film made – I stand here with a mixed bag of emotions… Estatic that I was able to bring this thing to life… But sick to my stomache to think it’s over… Every single day coming to set has been like a dream come true – because I know I am involved in something big – bigger than me. This film is not some cookie cutter – run of the mill – slice and dice’em flick… But a very special and unique story… It has been an honor to work with the people I have on this film…

Then – next month – once Saw Mania is finished help me promote the fuck out of REPO! As this is truly a project not to be missed!

Already friends and loyal readers – my cast is on set waiting! I must stop blogging – and go direct the final song of REPO – appropriately titled “I DIDN’T KNOW I’D LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

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Posted: October 25th, 2007
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