Robin Leach: Doug Reinhardt had proposed to Paris Hilton

Reported by the reliable Las Vegas journalist Robin Leach

It's an official timeout for the moment with the second split between Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt. But Paris didn't flee here to Las Vegas to celebrate the breakup, and she certainly didn't hook up with Kim Kardashian's newly single ex Reggie Bush while they were both in Sin City last weekend.

I can dependably tell you that Doug is “devastated” by the split. Very reliable sources close to him told me that he's been in tears and begging Paris to get back together. But I am assured that the current romance has run its course: “Paris is over it and wants to move on.”

As Doug told Vegas DeLuxe on their last visit to Las Vegas together, he was planning to pop the question in “a quieter, more romantic” spot than a Tao nightclub party here at The Venetian.

It's believed that they went off to the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean shortly before Easter where he proposed, but I'm reliably told that he put a lot of pressure on Paris to pick a wedding date, and the demands put so much stress into the honeymoon-styled vacation that they returned home via Miami — and she decided that she was finished.

Paris spent Easter with her sister Nicky and her parents in Palm Springs, Calif., while Doug headed to Aspen, Colo., to be with his family. It's the first time they'd been apart in nearly a year. During their split, Paris, who used to tweet regularly about their activities together, has not used Twitter to mention him since last month.

She's also been a single girl hunting for a summer mansion in Malibu and was seen one night as a guest where former boyfriend Benji Madden was the deejay. But lest that spark more tabloid tales, let me assure you that Paris considers him a good friend, and that is it.

Paris is far busier as an entrepreneur with her many and varied business enterprises than the perceived party girl of all the headlines. She recently had to post a Twitter denial from Las Vegas about reports linking her to New Orleans Saints star Reggie. They'd both turned up separately at two Las Vegas birthday parties: one for Mark Sudach at Wet Republic in MGM Grand and another for Tao owner Jason Strauss in his Venetian nightclub.

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Posted: April 16th, 2010
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