Sheriff’s Department Is Ready To Defend Paris Hilton: X17

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An X17 source is telling us that Paris Hilton is not doing well at all, depsite being held at the downtown LA Twin Towers jail medical facility rather than the tougher Lynwood Detention Center, where she served the first three days of her 45-day sentence.

The source, reporting exclusively to X17online, says physicians inside the jail have not administered any drugs (usually sedatives would be called for, for someone acting hysterical, as Paris has been said to be acting). The reason being, there was already something in Hilton’s system and medical staff at the jail were concerned that adding to that could cause an adverse reaction.

The word is that Paris “is in bad shape” and our source says she appears to be “on the verge of a breakdown.” The source says, “I’m worried for her health, not just her mental health, but the effect all of this is having on her physically.”

The Sheriff’s department is said to still be hoping to find a way to get Paris back on houe arrest rather than keeping her at the Twin Towers jail or at Lynwood, where our source says she is to be transferred on Tuesday.


Posted: June 9th, 2007
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