Silence Over Paris Hilton Interview

It’s been a couple of days now since her first interview, and I’ve noticed that the media and the haters in general have been very silence about many of the statements she said, except, of course, about the drug issue.

CNN, which is in fact a hate network, first reported about the interview with a title similar to this “Paris on drugs, God.”

Read that title again: “Paris on drugs, God.” That’s what they considered the most important part of her interview. Of course, the hypocritical haters who constantly tell us that Paris is a bad person, were more interested in her bad aspects and statements.

The haters, to be sure, are only reporting that she lied about her drug use. But in fact, she is not seriously addicted to drugs. If she is/was, she would probably be in rehab. And none of them would ask themselves what would happen if she actually admitted that she had taken drugs. It would cause a big drama, and it would never end. Over-exaggerated lies would spread everywhere in the media and on the internet, and Paris’ image would sink unfairly. I’ve already explained and went through this. It’s not important to know if Paris has taken drugs simply because she doesn’t have a drug problem. I don’t think it’s fine for her to do drugs, but it’s just not an issue.

The real problem is that the media has ignored many of her very important statements. They haven’t corrected the fact she said she completed her educational courses in time. They don’t mention that she is a singer, an actress and has several businesses. They still can’t understand why she didn’t deserve jail time. And many other statements weren’t reported or discussed.

But this silence is in a way a positive sign. Millions of people all over the world who don’t like Paris for irrational reasons, discovered the real Paris on Wednesday night. They now have a pretty good idea of who she is, but simply won’t talk about this Paris. They know that she is not a spoiled brat who doesn’t work. Some of them, mostly the hardcore ones, still refuse to believe that judging from their comments. However, I think that many normal people will give her a chance in the future, but she must not quit like she did for her album, and should do things that would change their opinion about her. I think it’s possible, according to my “philosophical” analysis…

Posted: June 29th, 2007
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