Simple Life 5 Begins Filming With Paris Hilton

Reality television star Paris Hilton visited the Chicago area Sunday. She appeared at the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show in Rosemont.

Wanna know a secret? That long, blond hair isn’t her own. Hilton was promoting a line of hair extensions that she wears.

She also talked about Chicago. Hilton calls it a ‘beautiful’ city and says its home to some really nice people.

“I love Chicago, I think it’s great,” Hilton said. “Great shopping, it’s a little cold. But, I’ve been here. I went to the Chicago Bears game and been to movie premieres here and come here for shopping.”

But Hilton couldn’t stay in Chicago Sunday. Hilton said she had to be on location at five o’clock Monday morning for her television show.


Posted: March 6th, 2007
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