Simple Life 5 Features Sally Kirkland

Things are going to get a bit racy on the new season of “The Simple Life.”

TMZ has learned that an upcoming episode of the Paris & Nicole “reality” show features actress/fashionista Sally Kirkland playing the socialites’ Camp Shawnee acting coach (not that they need any help in the drama department!), and was made to look like Nicole’s father, Lionel Richie — in full on blackface and an afro! Hello!

Sources tell TMZ it was Nicole who somehow talked Kirkland into donning the controversial getup after the two got into a shouting match when Nicole wouldn’t perform Shakespeare. To drive, or not to drive! TMZ spies say the taping was simultaneously “frightening and hysterically funny.” Much like the paparazzi pals themselves!

A rep for “The Simple Life” had no comment. “The Simple Life Goes to Camp” premieres May 28 on E!


Posted: May 6th, 2007
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