“Simple Life 5” Is In Danger?

So now that Paris Hilton is going to jail, most people will probably forget about Simple Life 5 and be more interested about her jail coverage. Maybe…

Unfortunately, E! hasn’t revealed the number of viewers who tuned in for Simple Life 5, and I don’t think they will share that information with the public. I just have a slight feeling, and judging from my personal sources, that the ratings for the first episode were maybe not too good, but don’t quote me on this. It’s just a prediction.

Anyway, we probably won’t know the ratings, but we will know if it did good or bad after the season ends.

The big problem right now is not just Paris Hilton, it’s also Nicole Richie. I think I can almost confirm that Paris won’t appear on Late Show with David Letterman on June 6th. In the first place, she’s not allowed to do interviews until she finishes her jail term. That’s bad news.

And Nicole Richie is facing a court hearing this Friday, the exact same day when she is supposed to make an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. That’s another big problem. Will Nicole Richie appear on Live with Regis and Kelly to promote Simple Life 5 this Friday?

I’ve checked the schedule of Live with Regis and Kelly for this week, and believe it or not, they haven’t posted anything for Friday’s schedule!

Posted: June 2nd, 2007
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From: paris
Time: June 3, 2007, 7:35 am

actually they have posted that on friday nicole richie will be there on there site ! yay! i cant wait ,,,,, it didnt say any thing about paris hilton going on the late show but lets hope she will !!!