“Simple Life 5” To Be Crushed By Jail Sentence?

 By Tom Dorsey

Paris Hilton heads for jail next week, but tonight she heads for camp.

“The Simple Life Goes to Camp” at 10 on E! kicks off a new season of Hilton and Nicole Richie playing dumb and dumber again. The E! publicity department had no idea how much material Hilton would create for late-night talk-show jokes when they cranked out press releases about the series.

We are told that the “girls” will be roughing it at a real camp, where they will be expected to eat, sleep and obey all the regulations. Of course, there will be lots of time for “camping it up,” the press department says.

Somehow I don’t think the camp will live up to toughing it out in jail. No previews were available, but you have to wonder if the show can live up to the reality Hilton is facing behind bars.

On the other hand, the tidal wave of coverage her going to jail next week will generate is a press agent’s dream because stories are sure to connect it to the TV series. It’s just that her antics on the program may not seem as simple-minded and funny to an audience who knows where she’s really spending most of next month.

What’s next? Standby for the media brawl over who gets her exclusive account of her life in the Big House. Can’t wait for that. All said, it will undoubtedly be a pretty sobering episode for Hilton.


Dorsey is a bit misinformed when he writes “No previews were available,” we saw plenty of those.

Posted: May 28th, 2007
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