Simple Life 5 Will Air In May 2007: Confirmed!

Great news! E! Entertainment just announced that “The Simple Life Goes to Camp” will air in May 2007.

Producer Jon Murray is promising that this season may be the funniest yet!

However, its production has been slowing down because of Nicole Richie’s health issues.

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The Simple Life star, who took ill on the set of her E! reality show this month, has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, or low-blood sugar, her rep confirmed Wednesday.

“[Richie] is taking steps to manage it,” the rep said.

According to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation’s Website, hypoglycemia occurs when the pancreas secretes too much insulin, usually because of a glucose rush, causing blood-sugar levels to crash. Symptoms include faintness, fatigue and dizziness.

Last fall, the weight-watched Richie announced she was seeking a medical explanation to determine why she wasn’t putting on pounds.

On Mar. 2, during production on the latest season of The Simple Life, the 25-year-old was briefly treated at a hospital for dehydration.

Health issues aside, Richie is contending with legal issues stemming from her driving-under-the-influence arrest last Dec. 11. Richie has pleaded innocent to the misdemeanor charge. A pretrial hearing was set for Apr. 2.

Professionally, Richie is keeping on. The Simple Life Goes to Camp, the fifth season of her and Paris Hilton’s misadventures, will premiere in May, E! announced Wednesday. (E! Online and E! Entertainment Television are divisions of E! Networks.)

As the title indicates, the show’s latest edition will see Richie and Hilton bunking down, and playing counselors to a variety of campers, from at-risk couples to pageant-aspiring little girls.

Richie and Hilton, whose shared screen time dwindled as their off-screen friendship cooled, are said to be back on good terms.

“The chemistry between them is resulting in one of our funniest seasons yet,” executive producer Jon Murray said in a statement.

Posted: March 21st, 2007
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