Someone At CNN Wants Paris Hilton In Jail

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CNN has made the jail article one of its headlines. That’s great! Except someone at CNN decided to play with it and make it sound as if Paris Hilton is actually going to jail. This is the headline: “Hilton faces jail in driving case.”

That’s very deceiving, really, especially, since they didn’t add the word “may.” It will fool many average readers, but anyway. The article is the same one I posted and doesn’t say that she is definitely going to jail.

Now let’s talk about why she would have to go to jail because that’s an extremely important question to ask.

I personally think it’s because of some very bad luck. The haters and media will make you believe that she really did something bad to deserve this, but in fact, they don’t care why she would have to go to jail.

The last time we saw this article, I said Paris didn’t know her licence was suspended. Due to the pressure, Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office, now says that he has sufficient evidence to prove to a judge that she knew her licence was suspended and was still driving.

Even if we don’t know what evidence he has, if you think about it, it really doesn’t make sense, and it’s kinda tricky. It can fool you if you don’t go to the bottom of the problem. How can you allow someone to drive for months when you know that she isn’t suppose to drive? My question is why didn’t Velasquez or anyone of his men alert Eillot or Paris that her licence was suspended or even attempt to arrest her for driving with a suspended licence. I mean they had more than three months to stop her.

The media doesn’t ask these questions, of course, and we didn’t even think about it back then because no one knew she didn’t have the right to drive. But let’s just let Paris’ attorneys handle this.

The only reason why I would want Paris to go to jail is for her to start thinking about her projects (Okay, maybe I’m asking for too much).

In other news, Paris’ Mercedes Maclaren has been towed away from her Hollywood Hills home. Remember? The car was given to Paris as a gift from Club Paris owner Fred Khalilian. X17Online is suspecting that he may be involved in this and is going to get back the car. Wow, how can you take away a gift from someone just because you aren’t friends anymore?

Anyway, this is probably the thrid attack from Fred.

Posted: March 30th, 2007
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From: axel berber
Time: April 9, 2007, 8:41 pm

once again people hate paris 4 no reason