Someone Named Chris Alexander Probably Heard Paris Hilton’s Repo! Songs

Another Paris Hilton non-fan hears a couple of new tunes sang by the singer:

Seeing and hearing Ogre (with his skin masks, head bolts and lithe swagger), the larger-than-life Sorvino (an accomplished tenor in his own right), the ravishing chanteuse Brightman (outfitted in ice-blue contacts) and breathy-voiced tabloid princess Hilton sharing space and swapping songs is something that only the most jaded counterculture addict could deny, and one whose innate surrealism even Bousman hasn’t been fully able to accept yet. “I never really thought I’d be making a movie like this,” says the seemingly tireless director. “More importantly, I never thought I’d be making a movie like this with Paris Hilton and Ogre in it! Together! How crazy is that?”

Full article @ Fangoria

Posted: October 23rd, 2007
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