Spencer Pratt Tells Why Hilton Shouldn’t Wind Up In Jail

What a clueless, hard-headed and vicious interviewer, “She was unknows before that sex tape.” What’s you’re point? She wasn’t even involved in the release of the tape. And besides, that was long time, we don’t care anymore about it.

He asks Spencer Pratt about how his petition is doing? What the hell? Does he, too, believe that the voice of the crazy majority is the truth? Of course, most people won’t sign it. Who wants to support a “stupid, spoild brat…”

Ok, well, I hate to say that I disagree with Pratt, but not totally. Of course, everyone knows she could’ve avoided jail, although she did break the law several times. But, forget about the petition; we need to minimize the jail sentence. That’s what we should be doing. Though, Pratt is very right when he says Paris is being used for her celebrity status.

Although Paris dropped her appeal and now agrees to serve 23 days in a special celebrity jail or something, ParisHiltonSite.net is still against it. Not against the jail sentence, but against the 23 days in jail. We’re not stupid, and many of us believe that she should be spending much less.

But since Paris has dropped the fight, we need to change our views because she’s ok with 23 days, but I’m sure she’s not.

We’ll see. Oh, and by the way, thanks to Pratt for speaking out against the media. It is the grinning media that is really killing us here. There’s no way of fighting it.

Posted: May 17th, 2007
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