Stan Lee Clears A Couple Of False Rumours Regarding Paris Hilton Animated Series

Straight from his office at POW! Entertainment, Stan Lee offered a few words to Wizard Universe about his reported MTV animated series featuring Paris Hilton, which is currently in development.“We’re working on a movie for Paris Hilton,” Lee clarified. “The reports said it had to do with [the animated Pamela Anderson vehicle] ‘Stripperella,’ that it was similar to ‘Stripperella’; it’s nothing at all like ‘Stripperella.’”

Wanting to set the record straight, Lee cleared the air about the role of former Paris fiancé Paris Latsis and commented on his own confusion regarding the project’s announcement.

“They said that Paris Latsis or whatever his name is, one of her original boyfriends, was going to be in the movie. That isn’t true,” the comic book legend stated. “He’s one of the people producing it.”

As for the mystery source who likened the project to Lee’s previous animation endeavor, “Striperella,” the always quick-witted creator shrugged. “They certainly didn’t call me,” he laughed. “We have a small staff; it’s only five people. They didn’t call any of us.”

Posted: July 16th, 2007
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From: Django
Time: July 16, 2007, 11:24 pm

I liked the idea of Paris voicing a cartoon show based on her in a superhero style, but I’ll be intrigued to whatever the project is.

LOL at Paris Latsis being a producer on the project and Stan Lee still calls him “or whatever his name is”. Excelsior!