Star Magazine’s Jill Dobson Is Now A Target

Jill Dobson, a grinning media writer who works for Star Magazine is indirectly suggesting that Paris Hilton’s fans are “dumb.”

In an interview with CBS News, the interviewer as always and crystally clear, a hard face extreme hater talks with her about the petition.

They severily downgrade it, and what does Jill Dobson do next? She happily fools the millions of lemmings who were turning in for the interview.

She says that fans who signed the petition did it because we, the fans, find Paris “glamorous.” And this hater, doesn’t even consider talking about the other fans, the ones who signed it for a reason. Instead she talks about the mass haters who are happy to see Paris go to jail because she lives a luxurious life. And she smirks.

And that reason, is to stop the injustice put upon Paris by a tyrant.

The petition may not reflect that, but many of the fans who signed it are fully aware about the injustice and are not afraid to talk about it with Paris.

Posted: May 9th, 2007
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