The Boring Paris Hilton And Stavros Niarchos Story Again

Don’t ask me why I’m even bothering to report this annoying story again. TMZ considers it as important news, but instead, I want to show you how boring news about Paris has been these days. has also been a bit busy. And of course, we’re still waiting to hear something about the next big thing from Paris.

Today, a radio station in Canada first played Britney Spears’ new song at around 9-10pm. It was actually a clip, but I believe they later played the full song; not sure, and I didn’t hear the full song. It didn’t remind of Britney, but of Paris. The song smelled a lot of “Paris, ” I mean all the excitement from Britney fans. And it also said to myself “see, look, Britney is finally doing something.”

Anyway, here’s the lame news. Don’t know worry, as soon as Paris starts filming Repo in a week or so in Toronto, it’s gonna be crazy!

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and shipping heir Stavros Niarchos tried to sneak out of Les Deux together without being seen last night. They didn’t succeed.

TMZ caught the two as they made a back door exit from the club, with no other cameras around to catch their thwarted incog escape. Niarchos hid his face in his lap in the backseat, while Paris held her purse up. Oops, looks like someone needs a better escape route!

Later that evening, cameras caught a member of the Les Deux security team ringing Paris’ buzzer as they attempted to drop off Stavros’ car in her driveway. Paris threatened to call the police until the guard explained who he was. Minutes later, Stavros took the keys … clad in a towel.

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Posted: August 30th, 2007
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From: Jen
Time: August 30, 2007, 9:49 pm

Keep the news and the videos coming please!
Stav and Paris make a very sweet couple, and if they’re happy together I’m sure most Paris fans are happy for them. Note how much better Stav always looks whenever he is around Paris – she is good for him.