The Changing Paris Hilton

Many people think that Paris Hilton is supposed to change in a certain way. More specifically, she has to change in their way, but not in her way.

I see a lot of haters saying “she said she’s going to do charity work, but she’s in Hawaii vacationing!” You know, that’s really stupid, even when it comes from a “fan.” Kyle said that she’s going to take a break and then try to figure out her plans.

Even more stupid is this statement: “Paris is shopping in Hawaii, and this is proof that she hasn’t changed!” Now that’s a sign that the hater wants Paris to change in his or her own way, which would be destructive for Paris.

When Paris says that she’s going to change, most haters assume that she’s going to stop shopping and partying altogether, or even stop promoting herself and her brand. Their vision of a changed Paris is clearly suicidal for her… or her business.

This is why I’ve said many times that we have to wait and see what she wants to change, not what the haters and not even the fans want. She promised that she is going to reduce her days of partying and work harder on her career, but we won’t see any result right away. It will take a couple months before judging the “new Paris Hilton.”

Posted: July 2nd, 2007
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From: Dan R
Time: July 3, 2007, 8:26 am

Well, she HAS changed, and its already noticable. ‘Old’ Paris would hire an instructor to show her the ropes of surfing when trying to learn it. ‘New’ Paris just gets herself a board and throws herself into the waves.

The ‘new’ Paris doesn’t really care if she looks goofy or unskilled, wheras the ‘old’ version would try to avoid that.

And the difference? A much higher level of self confidence. She’s changed allright, and I truly like Paris 2.0 a lot better!