The Coming Hours Will Be A Rollercoaster Ride

Brace Yourself

Well, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed about what happened today. Let me assure that as a hardcore fan, I didn’t really expect this to happen (yet, not surprised), and I agree with many fans that this will only make her look bad, primarily because the haters don’t understand that she is already being treated unfairly and because she said would complete her jail term.

Now the media has been avoiding the medical issues. I won’t even write about the media for now. All I have to say is that I am mad as hell at the mess they have done. I wish I could tell every news anchor and commentator to take their garbage comments and to go to hell for the damages they have done and for not addressing the important issues. It really angers me. But you know, I’m not really surprised about this release. For one thing, we already knew that Paris was seeing her psychiatrist for the past 8 months.

I want to just back off for a minute and explain to you why I’m not surprised about this, but I’ll also explain something else.

Remember the video I posted, I think, last night? It was an exclusive information from E! news. No major network bothered to seriously report it.

It was said that Paris was totally devastated when she was heading to jail and how her family members had never seen her in such terrible condition. She was also crying during the first 24 hours in jail. However, her family then said that she was doing fine.

Remember what Paris’ biggest fear was? It was getting attacked by her inmates, and she was very worried about this. But her family did say that she was doing fine while her psychiatrist went visiting her. Also remember the “harsh” report from TMZ?

Well, if you think about it… Either the Hilton family or TMZ was lying.

Was Paris’ situation as extreme as it was described in the TMZ’ report? Or was the Hilton family saying that everything was going well just to push aside the happy-happy haters?

I do believe the Hilton family, and we did see Paris in terrible condition in that exclusive TMZ video. But was Paris still suffering after Day 1?

It’s hard to tell, but let me tell you, I don’t think any jail official would release Paris if it wasn’t for a good reason. I mean, don’t these officials know the unbelievable backlash they would be hit by the evil media?

We don’t know exactly what happened, but the explanation is that she couldn’t stay in jail because of medical reasons. And it does happen.

The chaos isn’t over yet, however! Do you realize what is going to happen tomorrow? Paris is going to leave her house to attend a court hearing. That’s a repeat of what happened last time in May. Tomorrow, it’s going to be even more crazy.

But the “judge,” the monster, won’t be able to blame anything on Paris, even though he would like to. The last few hours should be interesting, but the only problem is the suffering of Paris at the hands of the hatemongers in the media and on blogs. The hatred is incredible. The nation is “outrage” as the media reported. But you got to remember that this is driven by an irrational hatred, not by strong and intelligent arguments. And Haters > Fans = Unfair for Paris.

All I will say is that even though the media coverage is out of control, it is also absolutely breathtaking. Who thought that our Paris would get this much media coverage? Can you imagine how big Paris will be after all of this is done?

Posted: June 7th, 2007
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