“The Hasty Pudding Theatrical Woman of the Year Award” For Paris Hilton?

There’s a bit more information about that thing between Harvard University and Paris Hilton, which was reported yesterday.

So here’s the thing: Paris Hilton may be in line for The Hasty Pudding Theatrical Woman of the Year Award from Harvard University.

The studio announced this week she’s going to receive an award from Harvard.

According to MTV CA, “The Hasty Pudding Theatricals are presented each year by drama students at Harvard to the man and woman ‘…who have made a lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment.'”

I’m not sure what this is all about, but we’ll have more information later.

Posted: January 10th, 2008
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From: Dawn
Time: January 10, 2008, 7:26 pm

Paris will join a long line of famous people who have received the “woman of the Year” award.
Among them Mrs. Eisenhower, Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Shiley McLaine, Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep and Faye Dunaway.

You can access the full list at Wikkipedia.
There is always a celebrit “roast” and a parade. It should be fun for Paris and hopefully, it won’t get too raunchy with the jokes.

Scarlett Johannsen was the honoree last year. I don’t like her much but she is a pretty good actress.