The Hateful Media Forces Paris Hilton To Sell Her House

PARIS HILTON tells us she’s selling the Hollywood Hills home where she briefly enjoyed a day of house arrest before being re-assigned back to L.A. County jail last month because it’s become oh so famous. The four-bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom home was featured on TV news stations across the country and is listed at $4.25 million.

“I feel like a lot of people know where I live so it’s time to move,” she told ET’s KEVIN FRAZIER. “I’m really upset because I love my house so much. I put so much work into it. It’s totally me! But I’m looking for something else right now.”

The “Simple Life” star joined JACKIE CHAN, CHRIS TUCKER and a slew of celebrities at the ‘Rush Hour 3’ premiere at the world-famous Graumann’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Monday night to celebrate the third installment of the BRETT RATNER-directed flick, in theaters everywhere August 10.

Posted: July 30th, 2007
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From: thewaymouth
Time: July 31, 2007, 7:05 am

The hateful media yes, but then the hateful media was just doing its hateful job. To me the most blame belongs to Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer, who ordered sheriff’s deputies to go get her on June 8.

This is very sad. Just the latest reverberation of the hateful attempt by Sauer-puss to break a butterfly upon a wheel. Justice was not served. It was most unfair to the most fair. Paris should still sue that bastard.

From: Trevor
Time: July 31, 2007, 9:17 am

This may be totally off-topic, but that Paris picture freaks the crap out of me. Why are her eyes so red? :X It looks like she’s possessed.

Anyway, I hate that she’s having to move because of that.

From: thewaymouth
Time: August 1, 2007, 10:03 am

Maybe she has pink eye?

Actually I quite like this pic. The way the light hits on her. She’s filled with light. Here she looks quite unlike I’ve seen her in any other shot. She’s such an exotic creature.