The Media Is Not Specifying Paris Hilton’s Health Issues

The media is obsessed with equality, but always miss extremely important points.

Ok, guys. Let’s take a break.

I’ve been watching the media all day and the way they have been reporting this news. They are hyprocrites. I mean many of the news anchors and commentators. They are obsessed by Paris Hilton (like we are) and have been out of control.

Many of the commentators are really not addressing the important issues. Oh yes, they’re very obsessed with “equality” and believe that everyone should be treated equally.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but what almost of them don’t understand is that Paris, in fact, can’t be treated equality. Sure, we all want to be treated equality, but you have to understand that Paris is a celebrity (someone big), not “nobody.”

And I believe it is because of them and because the attention that Paris is going through all of this. They scream “equality,” but they don’t understand that Paris needs some different sort of “special treatment” because of who she is.

Is it possible that Paris was going through a serious nervous breakdown? Yes! And that may have been because of who she is. That’s the way I see it. And we don’t want Paris to go crazy. She is not a murder or an evil person for Christ’s sake!

So the fan camp and hate camp are arguing with each other, but they don’t realize that each of them are saying stuffs that aren’t relevant, especially the hate camp, and this is destroying her, or in order words, the “rich” camp or the “celebrity” camp.

I’ve been hearing a lot of disgusting comments and laughter in the media, and many false facts. In fact, this is the first time I’ve seriously followed a Paris Hilton case by watching the TV network media, and I am telling you, the people who comment don’t really know what they’re saying, mainly because they don’t understand Paris Hilton they way we do and are only assuming. I’m sick of hearing the “spoiled” and “narcissistic” arguments. Look at other heirs and heiresses for once.

I have a lot more to say about the media, but I keep on forgetting what I want to say… Basically, I think that this is causing Paris a lot of pain, serious and damaging pain. It is clearly affecting her medical health, and I truly hope that she gets this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Paris must be punished, but from what I’ve seen so far, it is absolutely terrible the way they are treating her at the moment.

The Paris Hilton world is in danger. Paris is in danger. Pray to God that she gets fine soon!

Posted: June 8th, 2007
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From: Jordy
Time: June 8, 2007, 2:54 pm

I agree it’s obvious it’s affecting her health, I feel really bad for her, and to see her like this

From: Misty
Time: June 8, 2007, 3:07 pm

I love seeing her like that! Jail effects everyone. I think that’s the idea.

This article is ridiculous and who ever wrote it is a complete moron. She already got special treatment by being segregated from the “regular” aka “non-celebrity or high profile” inmates. That’s where the special treatment should end. She violated her probation, she should serve her time and quit crying for her mommy like a spoiled brat.

She doesn’t have a medical condition other than she’s sad about being locked up. Who cares? Everyone should be sad about being locked up. That’s what jail is supposed to do – make you think about what you did and make sure to keep your nose clean from now on. She didn’t learn anything from her 3 day stay.

Is she really going to off herself because she’s in jail? No. They watch you, and PS.. she’s too selfish to kill herself.

You diluted retards are driving everyone crazy with your “Free Paris” nonsense. What happened to “I’m going to show everyone who I really am”? I guess she did show us… by crying for mommy and spouting suicide threats and trying to get a free pass.

From: timmy
Time: June 8, 2007, 6:34 pm

I see. Paris isn’t spoiled because compared to other (spoiled) heirs and heiresses,she is no different then them? Really? That’s what you want to base your argument on. How this then: A child raping murderer is not a bad person, because he is no different then other child raping murderers. See what I mean about sounding foolish?

Should Paris be in prison? Don’t know about her “medical condition” but then neither does anyone else, since no paperwork ever went to court. If she does not, she should serve her time like everyone else. If she does, then she should be involuntarily committed to a PUBLIC institution until she is able to be safely incarcerated. After she gets to said public institution, she may actually prefer jail.

From: staci
Time: June 8, 2007, 10:16 pm

If she would just suck it up and do the time, she would come out of this whole thing shutting up her critics, but instead she just gives more ammo to them. I do not believe that her “illness” is real because scared is not an illness. Just like home confinement to a multimillion dollar mansion is not punishment. She should be confined to someone else’s home. Like mine (yeah, that’d teach her…). Maybe if they confined her to her servants quarters for the duration.

A real illness wouldn’t be cured by a blowout party that was reportedly going to take place tonight to celebrate her homecoming.

So let us talk about DUI. Are you Paris lovers going to stick up for her when she drives drunk and kills someone? Are you going to blame the poor hard working dad or dedicated soccor mom or maybe the retired accountant that is just trying to get home from visiting his grandkids? Because you have already said that Paris is special, not like other people, need to be treated special because she is so delicate. What do you say to a delicate person that drives drunk and kills a person? It isn’t their fault? They couldn’t help it? They shouldn’t worry, daddy will pay for it?

Paris was going to make us all shut up by coming out of jail a better person. Apparently they forgot to tell her that she wouldn’t get her morning pedicure. I honestly think she thought she was about to start a hot new fad. Rehab? Puleeze… that is so last week. Jail is where it is at. Jail is how you sell the cd and the books and get any kind of credibility. Maybe it was the sudden realization that Hollywood was going to have all their hot hot hot parties of the summer without her it made her sad. Maybe she discovered that the world kept spinning without her there to have her picture taken.

I’m glad she is in jail. Give her a damn tylenol already and some renuzit for the cell, and tell her to get over it already. Suck. It. Up.