The Vicious Article Of Constance Droganes On Canada’s

Larry King is doing a happy dance — and it’s all because of Paris Hilton.

King won the hottest interview since Monica Lewinsky boo-hooed about that stained blue dress of hers during the Clinton sex scandal.

The cost of chit-chatting with Hilton?

A big whopping zero, say King’s producers.

There are many reasons why I love Larry. His suspenders. His laugh. The way he gasps like a stabbed blow fish when comedians like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin come onto his show and start working him over.

I also respect him for never dishing out a dime to talk to guests. No self-respecting journalist should.

But is interviewing the woman famous only for partying and porn a step down for “The King”? In recent months, King has said she’s famous for nothing.

On Sunday, Bob Schieffer, the host of “Face the Nation,” ended the show with a poke at the ongoing Paris broo-ha-ha.

“I want everyone to know why I didn’t ask Paris onto my show,” he smiled wryly. “I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to ask her”

Larry King won’t have a problem interrogating the newly transformed party girl. He’s the bomb at grenading guests with tough questions.

Has your opinion of Larry fallen now that he’s riding the Paris bandwagon and keeping her saga in our faces?

How to destroy this article in a “Heartbeat” – My Respond

How dare you say Paris Hilton is famous for nothing. Haven’t you ever heard of the Simple Life series? Don’t you know she is a singer, actress, model and businesswoman?

Your article is pure trash, and shows how clueless you are. It is an insult to Paris fans who love her music and her products.

Well, Larry King only formed his opinion about Paris by listening to other clueless and jealous guests who come and give their own opinion. The fact and the matter is, Larry King is only a lemming. He never had Paris as a guest on his show, so of course, he can’t say much.

Constance Droganes is pushing pushing pushing to degrade Larry for inviting Paris on his show, and this is because of the powerful malevolent force.

I’ve noticed that Canadian journalists are more aggressive, but this is mainly because they don’t know anything about Paris, much less than Americans. I think that those who run CTV, eTALK are all extreme haters and show a very lemming behavior.

I choose Droganes’ article among many because it expresses a very old way of thinking. He should refrain himself or herself from writing about her.

People like this journalist will be very surprised see Paris defend herself. What she’s going to say will be very unexpected for them.

Posted: June 25th, 2007
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