The World According to Paris BONUS: Package #3

the world according to paris bonus

Package #3: Prelude to Paris

the world according to parisWith Hollywood on one side and real life on the other, “The World According to Paris” follows Paris Hilton and the people in her life — through all of their ups and downs, loves gained and lost, marriages, kids, divorce and more — revealing a lively group of dynamic individuals.


1. Intro to episode 2
2. Intro to episode 3
3. Intro to episode 4
4. Intro to episode 5
5. Intro to episode 6
6. Intro to episode 7
7. Intro to episode 8

Prelude to Paris [XviD format, 9.77 MB]

US viewers can purchase and buy the season one of “The World According to Paris” on Amazon. Canadian fans can catch the premiere episode on Corus Entertainment’s CosmoTV channel on September 5th at 10pm EST.

Posted: September 3rd, 2011
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