They Still Haven’t Learned Yet

The media will never change, huh? How many times have they waste time by contacting one of Paris Hilton’s reps for confirmation over fake stories?

After the disastrous fake story about Paris wanting to help drunk elephants in India, which was invented by Daily Star UK, now the false story about Britney releasing a private tape of Paris has infected the internet, thanks again to Daily Star UK.

Somehow, every fake article they publish gains a lot of attention, and serious news sites pick up and discuss about these articles.

The latest is Extra TV. They contact Paris Hilton’s reps to ask if the story is true or not. Of course, her rep said it is “not true.” The media people don’t check sources, but depend on big rumors.

I’ll repeat it once again, Daily Star UK publishes fake articles about Paris Hilton, and as a news site, they are strong enough to massively spread these lies.

Posted: December 9th, 2007
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From: Kevin
Time: December 10, 2007, 8:27 pm

Enkil, they will NEVER LEARN. They will spread as many nasty, untrue, un credited, stories they can to make money. They don’t care whose name they ruin! Didn’t you hear Paris in a interview, the papz and magz have used Paris soo much it’s time Paris to use them to promote her clothing line, fragrances, new album, Repo!, Hottie, etc. Have you seen anyone else fragrance get this commercial. I don’t remember ANYWAY in the news going “GWEN STEFANI NEW PERFUME LAMB or MARIAH CAREY BUTTERFLY” I mean Paris is just like Can Can new perfume on EVERY news station. I understand why Paris doesn’t make television commercials for perfumes, they advertise them selfs!