This Is Proof That Judge Judy Is A Bigot

Just as I expected, Judge Judy came on Larry King with a hard-face and acted all serious.

When she started talking about Paris, she looked serious with a straight face, but from the inside, she looked like an empty-headed woman.

I’m not saying she’s not smart, but she is clearly a bigot. Judge Judy has always been a Paris Hilton hater.

But let me explain to you what her biggest problem is.

Before she came on Larry King, Judge Judy did absolutely no research about Paris Hilton’s case and did not waste one second to learn who Paris Hilton is. Let me tell you about her biggest mistake.

Judge Judy clearly thinks that Paris Hilton is a stupid spoiled brat who needs to grow up and get a life. Now some of us agree that Paris should grow up in the sense that she needs to be more responsible, but obviously, Paris is not spoiled.

And as I said, Judge Judy assumes that she is. How? Just by watching television and being surrounded by haters.

I laughed when she said that Paris is a criminal, and then added with a disgusting smile that she’s a “little criminal.” Paris is no criminal. She only said that because she wants her to be one. A typical hater does that a lot.

Now she is a criminal in the sense that she became a “criminal” by being irresponsible.

Listen carefully to what Judge Judy is saying, and ask yourself “Does her arguments make sense?”

She believes Paris deserves jail, and I don’t.

She says that she was caught driving drunk and was put on probation avoiding consequences. A few months later, she was stopped with a suspended licence. One of Judge Judy’s assumptions is that the judge (Sauer, I’m assuming) told her not to do it again, but in fact, it wasn’t a judge who told her that, it was the police.

A month later, Paris is caught driving without a valid licence again because she thought she could drive for work purposes only. Judge Judy of course doesn’t mention this. Why? Because the prosecutors and the monster, Sauer, didn’t tell her and the public. Only the Hilton family did. Only Kyle Richards explained it to us with pure clarity.

Judge Judy then goes on and says that Paris deserves a harsh punishment mainly because she came in late to court. Always coming up with excuses. This shows that Judge Judy is partly an egalitarian.

She also can’t understand that Paris is too famous and that she must try to avoid the paparazzi for her own safety. But Kyle Richards already explained to us why Paris was late. And she did not do it on purpose. Judy’s assumption thinks the opposite.

The Weapon of Mass Destruction

Here’s how you can destroy all of Judge Judy’s arguments in a “Heartbeat.” “That’s all I need.” This is something that I questioned about before Paris’ sentence, but thanks to Kyle Richards, she reminded me about it again. And “no I didn’t know what I was missin. Oh my baby since” I’ve been thinking about it. 

If Paris’ every move is documented, then how the hell does she think she will get away with a probation violation by driving with a suspended licence in public, in front of the paparazzi several times 27/7?! The media of course won’t ask this question, nor will the haters or Judge Judy.

And the only answer to this is: She didn’t know. She was misinformed by being irresponsible. Someone like Paris could never escape a crime like that.

This is how I know that Paris was telling the truth during this whole time.

Yes, Paris said she committed a crime and should face the consequences. However, it is clear to me that she committed an unconscious crime. But she won’t fight her sentence because of the massive haters and the negative assumptions. Paris is and has almost always been a victim and has almost always been targeted wrongfully.

So that’s how you can destroy all of the assumptions and arguments of Judge Judy and her fellow haters in a “Heatbeat.”

All of them together have build up arguments based on assumptions. And this is unfair for a rich, famous and pretty star.

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Posted: June 19th, 2007
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From: Ruben Contreras
Time: June 19, 2007, 9:06 pm