Too Organizations Want Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may have a new calling — which may erroneously presuppose that she had an old one — as a prison treatment consultant! Socialite psychosociologist!

The Southern California Association of Black Psychologists is asking Paris Hilton to speak out and help change the treatment of the very same people with whom she shared the mental ward earlier this month. Bunkmate brainpower!

In the letter obtained by TMZ, they address complaints they’ve recieved from L.A. County Jail inmates and their relatives, who are upset about the “special treatment” Hilton is receiving for her mental problems. The letter also asks county officials to provide the same specialized care and treatment for other inmates with similar mental ailments.

Well, Paris did say she was looking to get more involved with a cause…


Ever since Paris said she wanted to get more involved in charity, well according to my sources, many different organizations, not just charity organizations, would like to get some help from Paris.

But you know, Paris already does charity work. I think what happened is that the media started to talk more about this, and then, everyone got the message. They never say that she’s already involved in it, but more like “she wants to do charity work after she’s out of jail.”

It’s true, she wants to, except, too many groups want her. It’s not just about these inmates’ mental problems, it’s everything.

And I don’t think she has the time to do charity work a lot. She is of course mainly an entertainer, not a humanitarian. It’s good that the media will focus more on her charity work, now that people are expecting something.

Whatever she does in the future should be appreciated, but please don’t expect her to accept every offer.

Posted: June 21st, 2007
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