Paris Hilton's Ultimate Brush

Paris Hilton's Ultimate Brush

Paris Hilton"It's the only brush that gives the look I want. Want a brush with fame? Make the Ultimate Brush your hair' BFF." - Paris Hilton

In Fall 2009, Paris Hilton released the Ultimate Brush.

Ultimate BrushThe round shape is completely different than any other brush. Use it once and you will be hooked for life. The shape and size gives you better control.

The large shape of the brush helps to get a great lift from the roots, start with the brush close to your head, especially at the crown, and hold in place while you dry.

How to use the Ultimate Brush

Ultimate BrushHold brush and start close from head, better to use it from the inside out. Rotate handle slightly as you pull through hair.

Great for drying, the large round ball shape separates hair making it faster to dry. For flips, hold hair wrapped around ball shape and apply heat.

To straighten hair, extend brush away from head with section of hair, apply heat.

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Paris Hilton Ultimate Brush

Ultimate Brush