Video: Kathy Hilton and Brooke Mueller talk about the new reality show and Paris Hilton

Posted: November 30th, 2010
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From: admin
Time: November 30, 2010, 11:34 pm

Brooke seems like a nice person, but she sometimes looks confused. lol Loves the new healthy lifestyle!

From: scot
Time: December 1, 2010, 5:02 am

I think Brooke gets a tad overwhelmed by it all. She does seem very sweet though.

Also, I just found this little thing, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett talking about her new book which is basically about modern celebrity and there was a tiny bit about Paris which I found interesting —

You spend a lot of the book talking about Paris Hilton. When she first appeared, people were always joking that Paris Hilton is famous for doing absolutely nothing. But now she’s just part of the celebrity ecosystem, and I don’t think it’s even questioned anymore — oh, it’s Paris Hilton giving a Nazi salute on a yacht. Why is Paris Hilton such an fascinating example of modern celebrity?

She is the purest form of celebrity. Other stars you look at, you can see that they are exceptionally beautiful, or they are exceptionally gifted, or exceptionally charismatic. With her, she’s pure celebrity, and she’s done it just by virtue of us being collectively fascinated with her. That’s the definition of celebrity, that we are collectively focused on her, and for reasons that are not associated with anything that she’s contributed. If you actually look at her social behavior, she’s unique. Celebrities are celebrities because they behave differently than everyone else. And she’s the perfect example of that. She networks more than anyone else. She gets herself in the camera’s lens more than anyone else. She overshares. Those are all the qualities that are necessary to cultivate celebrity.

In a way, the fact that she’s such a hard worker is actually kind of endearing.

I have to say, I always kind of had a soft spot for her. I really think she’s not given enough credit.

She’s also a modern celebrity because she’s been shaped by a media industry actually invested in maintaining her fame. In part, we build her up so we have something to cover.

One of the things that’s clear about celebrity, mainstream stardom, is that everyone has a dog in the fight. Paris is a celebrity because she wants to be one. But she’s only a celebrity if the media also wants her to be one. Which means they need to write about her and they need to take her picture. And then the people at the clubs need to invite her to show up and there is this whole symbiotic system at work that perpetuates celebrity, because actually they need her to have jobs. In L.A. and New York — and this is actually a conservative estimate — in each city, it’s over 100,000 people working in celebrity-driven industries. And the payroll is extraordinary too: About $11 billion on L.A. payroll and $20 billion on New York City payroll.