Video: Paris Hilton is undergoing In Vitro Fertilization treatment

Paris Hilton seems like she’s ready to be a mom. The 39-year-old opened up about her plans to start a family with her boyfriend Carter Reum during Tuesday’s episode of “The Trend Reporter with Mara” podcast. The socialite revealed she started the IVF process with the advice of her famous friend Kim Kardashian and the couple are hoping for twins. “We have been doing the IVF, so I can pick twins if I like. Kim [Kardashian] is actually the one who told me about that. I didn’t even know anything about it. I’m happy that she told me that advice and introduced me to her doctor,” she revealed. The lovebirds started dating in 2019 and celebrated their one year anniversary in December 2020.

Posted: January 31st, 2021
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