Video: Paris Hilton Meeting Fans At Franklin Mills

I think these two reporters are haters. It kinda shows. Then, there are the fans, who once again, did not mention her works, but talked about her beauty and “hotness.” I’ve long realized that many of the fans who meet Paris Hilton are “mild” fans, but a good portion of them are hardcore. However, what differentiates us from them, is that they’re more into her hotness, beauty and money. Althogether, we’re one big Paris Hilton fan family in some way.

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Posted: January 25th, 2008
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From: kevin
Time: January 25, 2008, 3:35 pm

WTF 9AM!!!



From: terrellezell
Time: January 25, 2008, 5:22 pm

I didnt like how that woman reporter explained the plot of the movie, but oh well. So cool!

From: adriena
Time: January 25, 2008, 7:25 pm

those girls are kinda ignorant
i mean yes shes so so so beautiful
but no1 said how hardworking she was
shes smart and a very strong and independant woman
and 1 more thing

From: thewaymouth
Time: January 26, 2008, 12:06 am

I love these local meet & greets. So don’t be too hard on the reporters & the fans. I think they’re sweet. Yeah, the female reporter rolled her eyes a little, but she was having fun. She wasn’t being sarcastic. She showed a lot of excitement.

And remember: Paris is in town to plug a movie that based on negative reports from last year — on how the movie was taken away from the director because it was so bad — and the previews I’ve seen, it looks so tame & very lame. And as fas as Paris’s character, it looks like she’s mostly just playing herself. So there’s nothing to get too excited about as far as that movie goes, really, to me. And her album is 1&1/2 years old now. Her work has been overshadowed by her promotion of her clothes & perfume since last summer. So Paris can take the blame for that.

Not that I blame her. REPO! will be coming out soon, and she’s working on a new album. & if she really wants to take the world by storm — & her fans, her world, is ready for it more than ever — she needs to tour behind it. She’s a natural party hostess and performer. She sings karaoke & dances every chance she gets at the clubs, and she’s such a gas at it. If she would just share that pizazz with the rest of us, it would be heavenly. But we’ll just have to be patient.

To me, number one, she’s not drinking & driving, & she’s been staying out of jail. I don’t want her to have to go through that ever again. I have dreams & expectations for her, but she owes me zilch. I was afraid we might lose her, she might die or be psychologically damaged permanently from that horrible experience last June. But she’s still radiant & radiating love. I’m grateful. There haven’t even any fights with other celebs. She’s more focused on her career than she was in the past, and yet still has the wild child in her. She’s having fun but overall is more focused than ever. If she gets treated by her fans like The Beatles once were, so be it.

She doesn’t get the big inheritance now, so I think her fans think even more of her now for that, and maybe others someday will slowly start cutting her some slack. Remember these fans, who appear to be mostly very young, may have never been on TV before, so they get excited, nervous & silly. I saw only love & fun in this video. It warms my heart. Her people are just excited about meeting Paris. They are so open & clear about how much they like & love her.

And I sense that from the way they express their devotion, they love her even more because they know how much she is treated unfairly & disrespected. I read every day online how absolutely evil, stupid, dirty, and even ugly she supposedly is. I can only imagine what these haters must look like. In her latest TV special, Kathy Griffin focused her nastiness square on Paris, made her out to be the biggest monster that ever walked the earth. And this came out even after Paris had gone through her jail experience. I think some old-liners are desperately clinging to their hate, trying to prove they were right along about Paris. The ugliness inside just can’t wait to declare itself, to justify their hate. Even when the object of their derision still keeps shining out & bringing on her joi de vivre.

No one can tell you whom or what to love. Paris is so lovely & loving to us, & therefore she is so loved. So while I can write essays on the million ways she sways me, & would gladly try to get in a few wise words edgewise on TV, I for one welcome as well the silly love songs sung by her fanatics. I’ll take that any day over the swill of hate for her that I see & read on a daily basis, that still swells & smells like hell all over the internet.

My friends & family all think I’m nuts, that I waste my time. In general, I am not a popular or well-respected man. And yes, my love for Paris is somewhat foolish & irrational, but so is all love, period. Seeing Paris doing well & being so well loved, somehow keeps me loving this life & world of which I’m often so weary. I’m so proud of Paris & to be nuts about her.

Which reminds me earlier tonight, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, my bumper sticker, the only one that blings out on my car. It sits on the back driver’s-side bumper, with words in black on a pink background. They read, “Free Paris.” When I saw it I laughed for a second at it/myself, but at the same, was just a little overcome with pride. That thing is still hanging on there. & I ain’t taking it off.

“Oh deep in my heart/ I do believe/ We shall overcome some day.”

From: Dawn
Time: January 26, 2008, 8:54 am

Talking about haters, Shanna Moakler is badmouthing Paris and other people again on her MySpace. Perez printed it. She is so mean and vile.

In contrast, Paris is so sweet on her MySpace, always concentrating on positive things and being happy.
Paris is such a joy . When life hands her lemons, Paris turns it into lemonade.