Video: POET DJ uploads an new unreleased track called “Crazy”

POET DJ wrote on this comment on his YouTube page:

“One of my Fav new Songs thats not for sale , attached to any album or for myself. It is my fav random new song that everyone is feelin and the rest of the world just has to hear this one because the biatch got skills and the track is on some next new level ish (Joshua Gomez son of Taboo from the Peas coproduced this bad boy with me hes a beast!) plus its for the people who just want some dope new music and a sneak peek at my new visual 3d art Hollagraphix… oh yeah Paris I havent heard from you since my # changed so I think your texting someone else , or a hacker is doing something funny, get at me asap some how jk but not really lol.”

Thanks to Juanjo Marty!

Posted: September 17th, 2015
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From: retrograde
Time: September 19, 2015, 4:57 am

Interesting… The description says it’s not on any album, but he has one coming out on the 25th and she’s listed as a featured artist on it, so I wonder if that means we’ll get another new song or if it’ll just end up being Never Be Alone.