What In Touch Magazine “Lied” About Paris Hilton

There’s a news story in In Touch Magazine (Febuary 12, 2007) that caught my attention when I got the chance to check the magazine to see if I could spot some misunderstandings or lies about Paris.

Although it’s not clear whether or not, the article intends to mislead the public or did a mistake, I still can see that it tried to portray Paris once again as mainly a partygirl. I still can’t believe people only think of her that way. Maybe the person who wrote the article is really clueless about her.

It is about Paris doing exercice, and its title is “We’ve never seen Paris exercise.” Maybe it’s true… There’s also a picture of her jogging on the beach for her new movie “The Hottie and the Nottie.”

The article, which calls Paris “heiress” (instead of actress), suggests that we’re more likely to see Paris at a nightclub than at a gym. But that’s of course, NOT true.

Paris has done a lot of exercises in the past to stay fit. Actually, she has her own coach who trains and practices with her.

It also says that they knew it was only for a scene, and it also tries to “assure” its readers that Paris wouldn’t be exercising if it weren’t for the movie.

Well, that’s the sort of stupidity you read in magazines these days. Not a big deal, but worth the laugh, just for the heck of it.

Posted: February 3rd, 2007
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