What Should Be Done With the Paris Hilton Music Petition?

More than 300 signatures have been collected since its launch early June 2007. Paris Hilton’s music career was never really threatened or anything, but most fans were afraid that Paris had given up. It took her a jail sentence to wake up and continue to work on her music, or did it?

Did Paris see and read the petition, or she just woke up one day in jail and said it’s time to take my music career seriously and make it my #1 priority again? Because ever since she said she’s working on her second album, she’s been following our demands. Well, actually, it’s not really our demands, but stuffs that she said, but were never accomplished. She still hasn’t gone on tour or performed live, but it will most likely come with the second album, or Repo!

If Paris saw the petition and if it alarmed her that there are fans who haven’t forgot about her music career, then we are gratified.

I think I’m going to keep the petition online until our demands or her claims are completed!

Posted: August 7th, 2007
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From: kevin
Time: August 7, 2007, 11:00 pm

Well we got our wish, she’s continuing with her music. That’s all that matters. Maybe she did read the petition, maybe she didn’t. Good thing is that she is coming out with second album 🙂

From: thewaymouth
Time: August 17, 2007, 9:53 am

Not to toot my own horn — yeah, right, ahem — but Paris DID receive MY postcards sent to her in jail. They told her that
* PARIS is the best album of the past year,
* she was the artist of the year.
I asked her
* when does the most fabulously fun tour in the history of pop start.
I told her
* she can sing, she can dance, she can clown, she can bring it on w/everything & more till there’s nothing left to lose out on the floor but herself in our l.o.v.e. for her.

I can’t say that she read my cards, but she must have received them because last week I received her form thank you letter — a copy of the one that the “fan” got & showed the media before she got out. I was disappointed not to get any kind of personal, individual response at all. Then again, I was happy because I know she received my postcards, someone had to read them to get my address off them, and finally there was the what came with: a signed pic, w/hugs & kisses of course (my name isn’t mentioned but I still accept the love). The picture she signed & sent is a b&w version of the photo on her website parishilton.com, which is was set up solely to promote her promotion of her music.

Now she’s working on a new album & planning to tour.
Win, lose or draw your own conclusions.

From: thewaymouth
Time: August 17, 2007, 10:01 am

PS Hell yeah keep the petition up. Until the announcement of the release date of her new album & the start date of her tour, you can’t be sure.
& I’m promoting it on my MySpace, & I’m going to send it around to all my Paris site friends.
Two more reasons to keep it up:
I signed it twice.