What Should Paris Hilton Do After She Finishes Her Jail Time?

Paris Hilton isn’t supposed to get out of jail until June 26, but that doesn’t mean her friends and family aren’t thinking about welcome home plans.

While Hilton usually joins her parents and siblings for their annual summer trips to Europe and the Hamptons, a source tells me it’s still unclear if she’ll make it this year.

So, what should the embattled hotel heiress do when she’s sprung from the Lynwood Correctional Facility? I decided to ask some party experts.

Hilton, of course, is most welcome at one of her favorite joints in New York City, Amy Sacco’s Bungalow 8. “We are going to swing from the palm trees and down Hilton shots,” Sacco says. 

A Hilton shot? That would be Belvedere vodka with watermelon juice and a hint of lemon.

Celebrity agent Mike Esterman advises Hilton to spread the love—over a few days and in multiple locales. He says she should hop on a private jet and celebrate her freedom with a “Welcome home weekend—Thursday, Friday and Saturday on three different continents.”

If Hilton decides to do nightclub appearances upon her release, Esterman says she could bank mucho money. “If she regularly looks for $100,000 for an appearance without all this hype, I can only imagine how much she will get after all this media attention and anticipation,” says Esterman, who has helped broker paid appearances for Mario Lopez and Kevin Federline. 

“If Lindsay Lohan was getting $400,000 for her 21st birthday party in Vegas,” Esterman says of the pre-rehab reports of Lohan’s total B-day windfall, “why wouldn’t Paris get at least the same for her coming home party?”

With Hilton’s every move being followed by the paparazzi, Ivan Kane, owner of the Forty Deuce burlesque nightclubs, says a driver is essential for any and all appearances. “I’d get her a chauffeured car to drive her back and forth to make sure she gets home safely,” Kane says.

Whether or not Hilton would even be allowed to cash in on postprison parties is a question I’ll leave to the legal experts, but a source close to the Hiltons tells me that she may not even have to worry about that.

“The family will probably have some sort of gathering like a barbeque when she gets out,” the source says. “But I don’t think they want to have a Get Out of Jail bash. They don’t want to glorify any of this.”

That would certainly be the right thing to do, says Nico Golfar, owner of L.A. marketing firm Nico Network Inc. “I don’t believe that she would want to draw too much attention to herself,” says Golfar, who has headed up branding campaigns and parties for the likes of Sony PlayStation, Vespa and Tanqueray. “I think she should make an effort not to be that girl.”

New York Observer columnist and Barneys New York exec Simon Doonan says the Simple Life star should keep it, well, simple: “A quiet dinner with the folks at Hamburger Hamlet,” he says, “would convey the right tone.”


I disagree with all of them. No need of parties. What Paris needs to do after she comes out of jail is do interviews for Simple Life and announce her plans of taking her career to the next level. This way she can show everyone that she has changed, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t party anymore.

And I’m pretty damn aware that many greedy companies will try to pursade Paris to promote their clubs and products for large sum of money, but she shouldn’t fall for them. Paris needs to reinvent herself and become creative, not work for others. I really hate it when she promotes other people’s products, like Rich Prosecco. I don’t like it at all.

This is just my opinion.

Posted: June 6th, 2007
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