Whatever Happened To The “Free Paris Hilton Movement”?

Well, it seems that neither the fans, nor the haters are very much interested in this issue anymore. At least for the fans, this is the case because most of us are excited about the premiere of Simple Life 5 and because Paris’ sentence was greatly reduced and she’s going to a high profil jail or something.

However, most of us still disagree with the 23 days jail sentence, and I’m sure Paris and her family think the same way.

Wait a minute? Paris? What happened to her? No more clubbing, no more nothing? Notice how boring it has been because of the quality of the news this week? She also still looks sad while we are happy and excited for Simple Life 5.

I think Paris is hoping that her jail sentence will be reduced even more. Hopefully, it will be replaced by 7-10 days.

But is anyone really interested in fighting back again? Hrm, I don’t think so. The petition is dying, so is the hater’s petition, even though they have a lot more signatures. It seems that both camps are tired of it.

But it will definitely reignite on June 5. Just watch how the media will go ballistic. I was thinking that Paris could trick them and go to jail earlier than June 5, like June 4, because it will be a very embarrassment for her.

Anyway, some groups are still fighting to free Paris. Im4Paris.com is a good example. I think and I’ve said this before, the “free Paris Hilton movement” should be converted into “Fair punishement for Paris,” but I guess we’re too late for that, huh?

Still, consider it that way.

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Posted: May 24th, 2007
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