Where’s Paris Hilton On This Saturday Night (Sept 22, 2007)?

At This Very Moment

It’s 11:23pm, and in case you were wondering, Paris Hilton is actually out and partying in some club in Toronto after working on Repo! This club visit by Paris is so unknown to Torontians that we don’t even know to which club she went. Paris is getting ready to start filming some scenes for Repo! next week.

Tomorrow, Paris Hilton will be heading to Canada’s second biggest city, Montreal where she will be partying at very popular nightclub Tribe Hyperclub. This is a highly anticipated visit especially since many Montrealers are aware of it, thanks to radio station MIX 96 and are coming here to learn more information. Even people who work for the government have been fascinated by the visit by the most photographed woman on Earth.

Posted: September 22nd, 2007
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