Why Paris Hilton Might Have To Serve Jail Time

How it all began:

Back in November 2006, Paris was arrested for driving under the influence. This is the source of all problems. This was also her biggest mistake in 2006. It screwed everything, maybe even her tour and album because it was a real bad publicity.

How she could’ve avoided all of this?

Hint: If Paris had gone on tour, none of this would be happening.

Causes of having to serve jail time:

On January 22, 2007, Paris was given the privilege of serving a probation during 36 months. Believe it or not, she still hadn’t enrolled in this program as of April 17, 2007. She was actually given 22 days to do so.

The reason why they want her to go to jail for 45 days is because she knew that her licence was suspended and was still driving.

Last time, I asked for some evidence from her prosecutors, and they have given us. I posted them a few hours ago, but let me just point out the most important ones:

“The fact that Hilton signed the DMV Form 310 establishes beyond any doubt that she personally received notice both verbally and in writing that her privilege to drive was suspended. Futhermore, Officers Scott and Guerrero did not allow Hilton to drive her vehicle away from the scene of the stop because of the suspension; they instead required Hilton’s passenger to drive the vehicle with Hilton as the passenger. In addition, while performing an inventory search of her vehicule on February 27, 2007, LASD found Hilton’s copy of the January 15, 2007 DMV Form 310 in her vehicle’s glove compartment.

“May a defendant be convicted of driving with an invalid driver’s license in violation of section 12500 if [s]he did not have actual knowledge that h[er] license was suspended? [Citation].” (Id. at p. 712.) In response, the court “conlude[d] that [s]he may, because section 12500 is a public welfare statute.””

 “Hilton failed to enroll in the SB 1176 program within 21 days of this Court’s January 22, 2007 order, which plainly commanded her to do so.”

“Not only is there no proof that she enrolled by that date, but it appears from the court’s files that she had not enrolled in the program as of April 17, 2007, more than two months past the February 12, 2007 deadline.”


So what does this suggest to you? That she knew her licence was suspended.

But if she knew, then why the heck did she decide to take the risk? And why hasn’t she enrolled in a probation program?

I don’t think Paris or her lawyers are stupid enough to forget all of this in one day. She has one of the best lawyers in America and they permitted this to happen? How is that possible? Did we miss something?

Paris needs to explain herself tomorrow. Trust me though, this whole issue is a lot more complicated than you think, but still, they did warn her.

I am as confused as you are, but stay tune for tomorrow. And I predict that Paris won’t be going to jail. There’s still hope that they may come up with some sort of deal if possible.

As for Paris, I still have yet to understand how this girl thinks! At least, she will finally give her side of the story on this issue. Remember that Paris has never said a word about this, and the media didn’t know her licence was suspended until late Feburary 2007 when she was stopped and given a ticket.

Posted: May 3rd, 2007
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From: Mike
Time: May 4, 2007, 12:05 am

They should just let her do some community service time. No point in sending her to jail if the facts are as fuzzy as the media is reporting them to be.

From: Alex
Time: May 4, 2007, 12:21 pm

I strongly agree with that comment.