Wish Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Good Luck!

Several sources are now reporting that the real filming of Simple Life 5 has yet to begin. We can now expect less and less news about Paris Hilton as she goes back to work on the set of Simple Life 5.

Paris and Nicole are going to start recording the episodes after having filmed the opening of the new season at places such as Hotel Woodland Hills.

Meanwhile, x17online reported today that Paris went to party either at Area or the Black Pearl and was too tired to take a picture with a fan who was waiting outside of her house.


Report from Usmagazine

Nicole Richie, 25, and Paris Hilton, 26, are going to be counseling overweight campers on the fifth season of The Simple Life, a rep for E! confirms to Usmagazine.com.

“They are going to be camp counselors at one camp in the Southern California Mountains,” says an E! spokesperson. “The camp has five different themes. Each week will be a different theme. And yes, one week is a weight loss/fitness camp. It’s not a fat camp.”

You have to hand it to E! There’s a subtle genius to hiring a celebrity who’s admitted to suffering from an eating problem to counsel people at a weight loss camp — one who was hospitalized two weeks ago because she forgot that she’s supposed to drink things.

But seriously, isn’t Paris Hilton the spokestard for a burger chain? This plan is full of conflicts of interest.

They should make this a two-parter and have these poor campers get a mixology degree from The Lindsay Lohan School for Bartending afterward.

(Joking aside, Nicole is looking much, much better.)

Posted: March 16th, 2007
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