Witnesses Say Us Magazine’s Story About Paris Hilton And Prince Is False

“As it turns out, I’m the lady from the audience who sang “Play that funky music” with Prince on Friday 20th April 2007. He had already invited a handful of people onstage to dance, Paris Hilton was one of them and so was I. Prince respectfully asked anyone to from the audience to sing that song with him and never said anything about whether Paris could sing or not. The microphone was with his backing singer, Shelby and she was the one that apparently offered the microphone to Paris. I knew the song and I in my excitement I frantically ran across the stage to seize the opportunity of a lifetime; the honour to sing with the greatest of all entertainers, Prince himself. It looked as though the problem was that Paris did not know that particular song, so I started singing the first bar of the verse of the song with the mic still in Shelbys hand. Prince then signaled Shelby to let me continue and that was it. Prince did not dis Paris and Paris did not storm off in anger. All dancers left the stage together. The whole event was great fun and awesome entertainment, nothing should be taken away from that. And I’ll never forget that moment that I shared the stage with Prince!!!!”

Janet Gabriel


 Another blow to the haters. Always question what you read!

Posted: April 28th, 2007
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