Wonderland Magazine interviews Paris Hilton

Reported by Wonderland Magazine

I don’t think there’s a Von Dutch trucker hat, or rhinestone tiara in the world Paris Hilton hasn’t tried on for size. The former socialite and noughties icon has literally done it all, whether it be serving fast food at a cut-price burger joint, cleaning the rooms of a nudist resort, or even packing sausages (with dog food) during one peculiar stint as a butcher. She’s managed to perforate the public consciousness on all levels, no matter how high or low. I mean, name another celebrity with a tangible presence in Mecca and the middle aisle of a South London Lidl – I’ll wait.

Like many, I was first introduced to Hilton through a re-run of her seminal reality TV show The Simple Life. Shortly thereafter, I adopted her signature (now trademarked) catchphrases “That’s Hot” and “Loves It” like a brainwashed zombie, employing them in conversation whenever remotely possible. I thought of her when I bid on Vintage Dior sunglasses on eBay, and dreamed of bags I could house my own adorably named chihuahua in, should I ever get one. Even a highly-publicised string of burglaries that took place at her Beverly Hills home were deemed worthy of a feature length film. I could list countless other instances Hilton was at the forefront of popular culture for simply going about her life, but then we’d be here for an eternity.

Already in character when she picks up my call, Hilton greets me with her infamous soft-yet-husky drawl, exactly how I imagined she would. Already living up to each and every one of my expectations, I’m immediately curious to know what I, and the public at large, have always had wrong about the mega-star. “People that don’t know me assume that I’m another ditsy blonde, that I’m spoiled… but I’m actually the complete opposite,” she tells me. Hilton describes herself as hardworking, down-to-earth, and tomboyish, you may even be surprised to know she was even on her school’s ice hockey team.

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Posted: April 15th, 2020
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