Woohoo!!! Paris Hilton Is Kicked Out Of Bad Boy Bad Girl Club

Excellent News

Those who have badly influence Paris in the past are turning against her and booting her out of their club.

These bad people that Paris was talking about turn out to be haters! Remember when Paris said she can’t trust anyone?

This is one more step towards the renewed Paris.

The hater who wrote this letter did a couple of errors. I will point them out.

Dear Paris,

You are hereby notified that your membership in the Bad Boy Bad Girl club has been revoked. You slipped over the edge into stupid and are no longer good at being bad, so we want you out and will not refund your dues. And by “dues” I mean the dues you paid by doing a sex video, starring in “The Simple Life,” getting drunk in public, converting others to the club [Brittney and Lindsey, which, by the way, will also be receiving this notice], showing the world — via the paparazzi — your coochi, and all around acting without remorse or apology … all wonderful things.

However, real Bad Girls don’t drink and drive, real bad girls don’t get caught, real bad girls don’t go to jail [that’s only cool if you’re a guy], and real bad girls don’t call Sarah Silverman a bitch. Moreover, we all know the rich don’t do jail time, and if they do, they do it with class [see Martha Stewart for details]. Therefore, you’re out.

She was mainly sent to jail because of who she is. She didn’t really do anything to deserve jail. She didn’t consciously violate her probation, like her prosecutor’s wife.There is zero evidence that Paris called Sarah Silverman a “bitch.” That was only a rumour, just like when it was reported that she called Britney an “animal.” In fact, she never did. In any case, Sarah probably deserves to be called a “bitch.” However, she did admit in an interview that she was forced to say those things because Sumner Redstone’s MTV pressured her, so in reality, she isn’t really a hater.

Fortunately for the other members of the club, you can’t buy your way back in. Feel free to re-apply, but for now you are on permanent suspension.

I’m sure that many fans are very happy see her banned from your bad club as she renewes herself.


Steve Santagati

P.S. Notifying you via TMZ is considered official.

Thank you.
From a fan.

Posted: June 24th, 2007
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From: Anonymous
Time: June 24, 2007, 10:58 am

Another one trying to get famous by usiing Paris’ name.

From: Anonymous
Time: June 25, 2007, 10:26 pm

Do you not realize that that letter was a joke? You’re very naive. That letter had nothing to do with a real club. So what’s the point in pointing out mistakes? You do it all the time and often times you are the one who’s wrong. You make more assumptions about Paris than anyone else, and you always assume her to be the good guy and the media the bad guy. You need to realize that although she does have some talent, she IS spoiled. Idk why you say she’s not. Always getting what you want no matter what you have to pay or do to get it is called being “spoiled”. She’s very materialistic, and very “high-class uppity ‘thinks she’s better than you'”. I admit I like her album and am a huge fan of The Simple Life, but you need to take her off the pedestal you have her on and admire her from afar, because you’re running this site very unprofessionaly by adding your own opinions into the news articles and doing so in a juvenile, ungrammatical way. No offense. It just bugs me. I realize the media loves to portray her in a negative light, and that she really does have a caring soul that they don’t like to show. But she has done alot of bad and sometimes she’s not worth defending. But you scrape up whatever bs you can to make her sound like the good guy allllll the time.