X17 Goes Against “Judge” Michael T. Sauer

Judge Michael T. Sauer is making a mockery of the legal system, in my opinion. Oh, and remind me NOT to vote for LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo who congratulated Judge Sauer on his decision to send Paris back to jail to server the remainder of her original 45-day sentence. WTF!? This girl does NOT need to be locked up; she is NOT a threat to society; and she’s do a lot more good volunteering her time to the city or to the community than she would sitting a jail where they’re unequiped to properly protect her and where our tax dollars are being thrown out the window.

And let’s take a look at Judge Sauer’s past — he unsuccessfully argued a famous First Amendment case, Cohen v. California, back in 1971. Sauer argued that a guy walking into an LA courthouse wearing a jacket with the words “F*ck the Draft” on it was disturbing the peace and that it was “behavior which has a tendency to provoke others to acts of violence.” Attorney Melville Nimmer (who wrote the bible of copyright law – Nimmer on Copyright), crushed Sauer’s argument in front of the Supreme Court (thank god), and Sauer retreated to the second most important case of his career, deciding Paris Hilton’s fate — and OH what a job he’s done with this one!

By X17

Posted: June 9th, 2007
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From: Ted Zeltner
Time: June 12, 2007, 9:36 pm

I quite agree with X17.
Althoughthere is a public hysteria surrounding the case,I believe sending her back to jail is a form of ” double jeopardy”.
I have no issue with her being punished for breaking the law but once she was released by a legal officer of the law to house arrest, it should have been continued.
If judge Sauer had a problem, he should have cited the sheriff for contempt but it is unfair and emotionally cruel to take it out on Hilton. She didn’t break out of jail.
It takes courage not to give in th the public desire to see Paris “get hers”. Fair is fair and that is why Judge Sauer has failed the test of fairness. Now Hilton is being persecuted- not just reasonably punished for her crime.