Expect To Face A Torrent Of Evil Hatred Next Week

ParisHiltonSite.net predicts that starting from Monday, we will face a major circus as Paris Hilton heads to jail. The Associated Press is expected to write more articles about her. Slowly, but surely every other news network such as CNN will jump in the same bandwagon with their grinning reports, interviewers, interviewees, commentators and mindless lemmings who don’t know what they talk about and do what is fashionable, hate Paris Hilton.

Once all of this is done, there may be a lack of Paris Hilton news for about two weeks, and a couple of embarrassing moments if photos of her in jail ever leak out.

But above all, the thing that we have to be concerned about is to see if, despite this injustice, Paris Hilton has “grown up” and has started to take her career, not her partying, but her career seriously. And by career, you know what I mean! I hope that she stays away from firms who want her to promote their products. That won’t work forever; she needs to be creative and work harder.

Next week, hate groups such as Resistance Manifesto and laughable the Exies will do whatever they can to profit themselves by spreading lies and hatred.

A visitor of this website has alarmed me about arrogant the Exies and their absolutely evil activities against Paris. They even went on FOX news and talked about “real artists,” good thing, the interview didn’t take them seriously, but then again, FOX gave them more than 3 minutes to explain their hate propaganda.

This visitor’s posts on my Guestbook stroke me and prompt me to write the following page: Speaking out against the hate compaign launched by hate groups such as The Exies

Be sure to read it; it’s very interesting and will help you understand how wrong the Exies and other anti-Paris Hilton groups are.

Posted: June 2nd, 2007
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From: thewaymouth
Time: June 2, 2007, 5:50 pm

Miss Hilton Site,

I’m honored & humbled & touched & thrilled needless to say but I’m saying it. For the feature & for your responding to it, saying thank you so much doesn’t cover it but THANK YOU SO MUCH.

This means a lot to me as I am a writer who for a brief time did write for a small town newspaper a long, long time ago, meaning I once actually made money off it, but since then have mostly written in a vacuum, doing it for free. My family, friends & the world @ large have mostly not dug my writing. & to end this sob story, & move into & quickly through the next, I am largely ignored, dissed, hissed at for supporting Miss Hilton.

I wrote regularly on blogs at The Superficial for a year, defending Paris & her friends against the cackling hyenas. Finally I got so sick of them not responding or listening at all to my reasoned arguements which I tried to present in an entertaining way of course. More than that I couldn’t stand the talk of violence & rape & murder that these celeb haters wish on & say they would themselves like to do to Paris & Lindsay & Ashlee…

I fought them over there so I wouldn’t have to here. So I finally started blogging mostly at MySpace & celeb friendly sites but even there I get crap. Paris has been listed as my Number 1 friend on MySpace ever since I added her. & my “friends” even dump on her on my page.

Why they bother coming here & to Paris’s MySpace page I don’t know. Because they can’t stop bringing the hate. They love it. Now while you do criticize people hating Paris, it’s mostly in defense of her. You don’t relish it, you don’t talk of hurting these wolves. Whereas say at the Exies site & tons of other places, & obviously here & in my house, they are on the offense, they are going out of their way to hate on others, to talk about violence, and calling Paris & Lindsay, “slimeballs…” at the same time as they say they wish she would go away. But then what fun would that be? They are the ultimate punching bags to these people.

In other words, it gets damned lonely out here sometimes. So cheers, mate! & keep up the great work — man, you were smoking, stroking the keys yesterday. Really working it hard. Great stuff. This is easily the best site for Paris.

I’d like to ask a question. Paris said in interviews last summer she was auditioning dancers, was going to sing live on TV, to tour. Do you know what happened? I kept commenting @ her MySpace page, telling her to tour. Yes, the haters who wrote off the album before it even came out hurt sales, but if she had promoted it LIVE…

It would have been, it could still be, SO glorious to see Paris play a club. She should do a double bill – have Lindsay open – LiLo has never toured either – it would be a damn glam hit. They both have charisma, they can dance, they can sing, they can clown, they can bring it on.

Just like you!

Do YOU have a MySpace page?
If so, add me.
Peace & Love,
All Paris lovers just click/add my thewaymouth website

From: thewaymouth
Time: June 2, 2007, 6:10 pm

PS I liked your site already but it really hit me when I read your review “Paris.” The first & Goddess help us not the last album, by Paris. The best thing she’s ever done. The confirmation of everything I already liked about her but so much more than that.

Anyway, I wrote to newspapers, Rolling Stone, etc, mini-reviews of “Paris.” So in the interest of sharing, “oh, look out…”

From Boston.com, The Boston Globe website music blog:

BEST SINGLE 2006: “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father),” Lindsay Lohan — The Lindsay Hop didn’t get any serious recognition for her best achievement to date, all because of her larger than personal life. This is one powerful pop ballad, w/easily the single most moving vocal of the year, raw but radiant. I don’t give a damn ’bout her bad reputation — I say, Lohanarchy for the USA!

BEST CD’s 2006:
Ashlee Simpson – I AM ME
The Veronicas – THE SECRET LIFE OF…
…& the winner is, my most listened-to CD, the Album of the Year 2006:
Paris Hilton – PARIS

– The Truth Hurts Me, Bitches.

Paris doesn’t get the serious recognition she richly deserves here because of her larger than personal life. But I don’t give a damn ’bout her bad reputation. “Paris” is fun as Hell, funner than that. The stars are blind but true blue star gazers are ultimately wide wild world open-minded & def not deaf to possibilities of interstellar flights of fancy. I mean, so I’m a RADIO CLASH CITY ROCKER from way-back-in-the-day-the-world-turned-day-glo. But that means nobody tells me what body/politic/art/drug/sin-spiration I can or can’t get off on, while I daily eat a peach to impeach a Bush, support the 9/11 truth troops & spread healthy Lohanarchy in the USA. I’m still a… “silly boy fightin’ over [Paris].”

The more the outside world makes cheap death-wishes on the most hated-on Hollywood honies, the more it makes me want to screw you & your damn lousy jealousy & misogyny, to root my magick sister freaks on. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law… Love is the law, love under will.” & so I will still love them come hell or high water. & so here comes the amorous glamorous Paris to up the pop ante & whoops! There she goes & I’m gone, as she flips my lid open & gives me rad reasons to be cheerful, to get lost in the bright lights of delight, to lose my love all over her…

SEX is Paris Hilton, a Pandora’s Box of Sugar Smacks. Her new album is just as Paris, “hot to death” – Paris does the sweetly singing & smartly stinging of a bubblegum pop rapper. She ain’t no slut, she’s just acting like a man. Why resist her transistor when it’s so much more fun to dance on table tops to this twisted sister. Cue the emcee: “So – life is disappointing? Forget it! We have no troubles here! …Welcome to Cabaret. [Welcome to PAREE.]”

Hilton to the hilt hits hard on my heart… it skips a beat to scratch on her door & sex mad roar… Her song “Fightin’ Over Me” brings on my stately pleasure-dome decree:


From: admin
Time: June 2, 2007, 6:54 pm


I see that you love the song “Fightin Over Me.” I love it too! I don’t like hip hop, but that song is just too special. And I agree, “Paris” is the best thing Paris ever came up with!

You know it’s really not worth it to write on websites such as The Superficial and TMZ unless if you want to fool around; I’ve done that many times, but people just didn’t get it. And they aren’t even serious people; you can’t even reason with them lol. As you said, they’re just “punching bags.”

You know this is one of the reasons why I came up with this website. I don’t know if you noticed, but I think there’s a difference between this website and other Paris fansites. I think my website is a bit more opinion orriented and defensive, but I still make sure that I have good reasons to like Paris. The only problem is that this website consumes too much of my time, and I think in the future this will be a problem. Don’t worry, I’ll make that “About Us” page one day, and explain more! BTW, you and I think very much alike!

To answer your question, yes, Paris was auditioning dancers and practicing her dance moves, but believe it or not, no one knows what happened to the tour. She said in an interview that she was going on tour in 3 weeks, but she never did. I don’t know why, but I was looking foward to see her performing and going on tour as were many fans!

Finally, I don’t have myspace; I barely have time to chat these days, and I’ve grown out of it I guess! But you can always find me here, and be sure to get all the latest about Paris’ music. 😉

I’m planning on launching a small petition next week which will be titled “Preserving Paris Hilton’s Music” with a couple of demands!

PS: Drop the “Miss” and adopt the Mr instead 😉